These Pages are dedicated to those who served at Aircraft Control and Warning Radar Stations, the DEW line and  especially to the GI's of the 720th AC&W Squadron, Middleton Island, Alaska .
"Sentinels of the Skies"       Armand photo 1960
Located just 90 miles south  of Cordova and just south of Prince William Sound, Middleton Island was one of the many Aircraft Control and Warning radar stations operating in Alaska ,complimenting the 'Distant  Early Warning Stations in northern Canada that operated after WW2 during the so called "Cold War".Servicemen spent approximately 12 months duty on these remote sites.This AC&W Station was in operation for approximately 5 years, becoming officially operational in May,1958 until it was decommissioned in 1963. Due to bad weather most of the time, mail was monthly at best and frequently not at all during the winter.There were no telephones, television and no internet! The photos in the first section were taken by myself during the months of Dec.1959 and Dec.1960 while I was stationed there. In the contributor section are photos from airmen that  were also assigned to the station during that period and also photos taken later and submitted by the personnel of the USGS, Wildlife Biology Division, and others who have worked on the island including FAA and Nexrad people. My thanks to all of you for helping to preserve the memory. Although the site is abandoned, let it not be forgotten. If you have or know anyone that has photos or historical data of Middleton Island please email me ..Thanks.........Armand   W1NRX
...."Middleton Island was a very difficult post"...A Mr. Fanley of Federal Electric was quoted in the wall street journal as saying, "One of our best men couldn't take Middleton Island; it's windswept, small and bare as a baby's bottom. He got claustrophobia there; we moved him to another station and he's alright" (WECO 1957)
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The photos of sites below are scans of "Official Air Force Photos"
743rd AC&W Campion, AK
711th AC&W Cape Lisburne, AK
795th AC&W Cape Romanzof, AK
Fire Island AFS
748th AC&W Kotzebue, AK
744th AC&W Murphy Dome, AK
710th AC&W Tin City, AK
717th AC&W Tatalina, AK
720th AC&W Middleton Island AK
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  Anatomy of a Disaster
Pacific Northern Airlines
        Flight 201           
New Photos!  Just received taken in 1956-57
Bottle with Note Found on Middleton Check Out the Museum!! page 5
Aeriel Photos from Robert De Long
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