These pages are dedicated to the U.S. Coast Guard that served on Middleton Island during WW 2
  There is not very much known about the inhabitants of Middleton Island prior to the establishment of the 720th AC&W Squadron. When I arrived on Middleton in December 1959 there was an old abandoned building not far from the north side of the runway. I later found out it was a Coast Guard building which, later that year was burned.  I was contacted by the son of  a Coast Guardsman,  Dan Horrigan who told me that his dad was stationed there during WW2.  He has sent me photos of the station which I am including below.  The first photo is of the Main building which was taken by my friend, Bill Price (MDO 1958).  This building was located about 150 ft from the north side of the runway.  I believe the mission of the station at that time was for communications...If anyone has any information about the Coast Guard Station on Middleton or the identity of any of the people in the photos I would appreciate the information. I would also like to know if there was a weather station there at that time......Thank you, A/2c Armand Biron, MDO me here;
I love the truck
C-47  Looks new!
This was called a compass house
Bring in the mail
These fellas look happy. I bet they are not just arriving.
Ezra Lee McMullen the barber
The Power Plant
Panning for gold...been there, done that.
Writing on the LST, "Joe loves Ann"
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A woman on the island??...She must be Ann!
Seriously, The lady in the photo was the nurse.
Notice the CG Cutter in the background. That would be about the closest it could come to the island without running aground
The radio room