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The Installation 
Roads and Buildings   (8)
Aerial Photos  (3)
Night shots    (3)
MDO Runway and aircraft   (4)
Around the Island  cliffs, and the old cargo ship...Glass floats found on the beach   (8)
More scenery     more seals and birds.. (7)
The Dining Hall    The annual MDO Banquet   (5)
More Dining hall photos   (4)
Middleton Personnel  operations, radar maintenance and Colby  (6)
Recreation and entertainment dayroom, USO Show, show, photo lab,ham station                    
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Cliffs, beaches    sea lions and Kitttiwakes  (10)
A few more     shots of the USO show and the 'Middleton Island Review'
Beaches and birds Page 1. I am still digging up old negatives (5)
Page 2      1/17/02 (6)  cliffs and beaches and two sergeants...
Page 2   Photo of South Rock taken 'south of the rock, beach patrol, channel seal, MDO tarmac and the base chapel.
Page 3  found negatives I have not seen before because they were never printed.  Shots around the island .
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Page 3 A couple of sunrise photos of the domes, the rock, the beach and a photo of Dick Bushaw's saddle